America’s shameful inaction in Yemen.

The State Dept is talking about helping the radical islamists who just deposed Hadi with the transition to a more stable government. It sounds like McDonough is not denying it. Who would ever trust us to have their back when we did nothing to help our ally Hadi. Hadi fed us intel and allowed us to drone Al Qaida and we watched the Hutu radical islamists take over the capital. What kind of weasels are we that we are ready to jump in bed with a radical islamist death to America, death to Israel group? Are we crazy? The Hutu, Isis, Iran, and Al Qaida all believe their god’s mandate is to forcibly convert the entire world to Islam,enslave them with Sharia and murder all who will not subjugate themselves to this mandate. There is no coexistence for the modern world with Radical Islam and it’s evil violent,barbaric, intolerant, supremacist theology.

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