I don’t believe our economy has recovered and I don’t believe we are safe.

Something I have noticed is President Obama’s rhetoric and promises never match the reality and the results of his actions and policies. Who believes our economy has recovered? Thirty seven percent of our workforce are not working. and most of the new jobs are part time/ entry level jobs. The middle class has seen a cut in their wages while food and consumer goods and services have increased in costs. Who believes we are safer today than in 2008? We are seeing the world in flames, our allies being attacked by radical islamists and people crossing our borders uninvited, including radical islamists, violent criminals&cartels, no doubt. Barack Obama is either living in an alternate universe of naivete and incompetence or he is the most deceptive President we have ever had. As for this class warfare, fair share,fair shot crap, I don’t want the rich man to subsidize my standard of living. I don’t want the rich man’s stuff. I want to work hard and buy my own stuff, create my own American Dream. In fact, if my children or grandchildren or I were the fat cat, we would like to direct our charity monies ourself Our President is encouraging envy, entitlement, theft and covetousness. Why? I find Obama’s class warfare rhetoric repulsive.

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