Tax Time is revealing some unhappy pain from the ACA

The ACA has caused everyone’s healthcare costs to increase. This is the first year that the penalty taxes are in place. People seem so surprised that Obama would charge people for not having healthcare. I guess they believed Obama’s lies and not the people who warned them time and time again.  Maybe they will finally see what a bad piece of legislation the ACA is and support it’s replacement. Let it die, Remove most of the mandates, cadillac tax,device tax,allow the Healthcare plans to follow the client after leaving a job and open healthcare plans up to a 50 state competition to lower costs and improve care. Americans will always choose the best bang for their buck and the better product. Replace the taxcode with a consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports and do not tax any investment monies that create jobs,build infrastructure or are spent on research and developement. Consumer prices will decrease and everyone will pay to support or government and her services. Add business friendly regulatory reform and we will be a fully employed nation, including all our immigrants.


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