Al Jazeera, like Obama, uses political correctness to silence public discourse and weaken our war on terror

Political and ideological correctness is killing us and defeating us. We are at war, the world is at war, humanity is at war with Radical Islam and it’s violent inhumane barbaric supremacist theology. I wish our President was not a Neville Chamberlain/Sal Alinsky clone. Obama is a dangerous leader. His reckless inability to name the enemy and provide a comprehensive strategy to defeat the enemy imperils not only us, but the world. As for Al Jazeerah who really trusted them to not be apart of Radical Islam’s jihad? They are the media and they know that words matter. Look at Churchill, he defeated another Supremacist ideology with his words defining the danger to humanity. Netanyahu may be the Churchill of our time, warning the world of the dangers of Iran and the Radical Islamist march of darkness.

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