Why the public is skeptical about Climate change.

Scientists have been caught lying and inflating facts, about climate change data, especially UN scientists. In my opinion it is more about money, control and power, than a real problem. The sun has more to do with the change in our climate than people. It is a natural cycle. Perhaps nature is preparing the earth to feed and water the 10 billion people projected to be on the planet in 2085. Increased carbon dioxide is needed to increase food output and melting some of the ice caps will provide the needed water. I think a little warming is a good thing. It sure beats the ice age the scientists predicted in the 70s. The scientists would do better finding a cheap and efficient way to remove salt from sea water. We will need more drinking water and irrigation water to water our plant and animal food sources instead of trying to make bugs a food source . I don’t want my grandchilden eating bugs.

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