Obama and the Radical Islamists

In order to depose Kaddaffi, Clinton and Obama made deals with Al Qaida, our enemy and that snake came back and killed our people in Benghazi. Do I have that right? In Egypt, Obama and Clinton supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after Mubarack was deposed and had a hissy fit when Egyptians said no to the Sharia persecution that the Radical Islamists imposed and deposed them. Now Obama and the State Department are meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, again. Are they planning another coup ?Why? The Syrian rebels, the doctors,the lawyers, the regular people had Assad on his heels, but Obama waited until the Radical Islamists had infiltrated their ranks and Assad had recovered before he sent help. Why? President Obama Ignored the barbaric persecution and genocide of the Assidis and the Christians until the public outcry made him send help, limited as it is. To this day, he has not armed the Kurds and the other minorities, always deferring to the Iraqi government who is inbed with radical islamist Iran. Now Obama is negotiating with Iran, a radical islamist terrorist led nation, allowing them time to finish their nuclear weapons program and their intercontinental missile program. Why? Obama is releasing Gitmo detainees before any truce or surrender is signed with the radical islamist group the detainees fought in. Why? Obama has taken the side of Hamas and Palestinians over our ally Israel. Obama has also sent some of his people from his 2008 election team over to work with Netanyahu’s opposition, trying to defeat the Prime Minister in the upcoming election. Not to mention, Obama has just publicly embarrassed Netanyahu again by refusing to meet with him during his address in front of our Congress.  Why would an American President interfere with Israel elections? Netanyahu refuses to be bullied by Obama and will not reduce Israel’s security by acquiescing to Obama’s will. Why? Our President is recklessly negotiating with our enemy the Radical Islamists. Why? President Obama refuses to say we are at war with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric, supremacist theology. Why? Does Obama just want the Middle East in Flames or does he want two Caliphates, one Shite and one Sunni? Maybe he thinks the Shite and the Sunni will make nice if Iran can hasten the end times so the Mahdi will come. Or maybe our President is just an incompetent fool,paralized with familia loyalty and guilt with a heavy dose radical leftist lunacy. 

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