Obama insults our ally, Israel, again.

Who would ever thought that an American President would interfer with an Israeli election just because the Prime Minister will not recklessly acquiese to said American President’s will that would surely reduce Israel’s security and means to defend herself. Why would an American President send a team to assist the opposition party to defeat the said Prime Minister in his reelection bid? Further, why would an American President publicly and rudely refuse to meet the Prime Minister when he comes to address Congress? Why would our President be in such a petty snit? Could it be that Prime Minister Netanyhu, like Churchilll, will warn us and the world of another barbaric supremacist ideology that threatens humanity? Could it be that the Prime Minister will call this theological enemy what it is, Radical Islam? Could it be that we and the world will see that President Obama has not only appeased, but negotiated with and ignored the genocide of the world’s enemy, just like Neville Chamberlain and the global academic elite did before WWll? Could it be that Barack Obama will be revealed as the deceiver he is and has always been?

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