Educate High Schoolers so they can support themselves at graduation.

States should look at offering 2 yr college degrees, 2 yr certificate programs,2 yr tech programs, 2yr vocational 2yr apprenticeship programs in High Schools. High Schoolers should be able to support themselves when they graduate. They may go on to higher education, but they still should be able to support themselves after completing High School. Add non optional lifeskill’s classes PT classes, History, civics, geography, Literature,math, computer&code writing classes and writing/poetry with optional music and language classes and our children will have a better start in life. There is so much wasted time in school, social engineering and one size fits all brain freeze–it is no wonder we are failing and our children are bored and feel unchallenged.


Government takes over the Internet.

Obama’s government has used every agency and department as a political weapon against it’s ideological and politcal opposition. He has made government the enemy of the American people. Now they are taking over the internet. Who thinks that President Obama will not use these regulations to silence his opposition? Our nation’s greatest enemy is President Obama and his sychophant idological driven people and his amoral yes men.

Let’s get on with it. Man up Congress.

Let’s get on with it, Man up Congress. The reality is our Government may obey our laws and secure our border and obey Immigration Laws in the future, but we will not deport anyone but felons in the era of Obama’s lawless executive orders. The reality is the Democrat Party will continue to support Obama’s lawless agenda with a cult like fanaticism. Americans do not want to see children or families separated. We especially do not want to see the children who made that horrific abusive journey thru Mexico,sent backed to their hell hole countries. America needs to get on with it. We need to grow this economy to support everyone here–both immigrant and citizen. That means we need to replace the tax code with a consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. That means that there is no tax on any monies invested in job creation, infrastructure, innovation and research. That means we need to replace our regulatory codes with a simplified business friendly, consumer protecting regulatory code. This will create the climate for producing the good paying jobs that America needs to pay our bills, the government bills and the nation killing debt. Congress should pass the DHS bill and put funding for Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders in an escrow account until the Supreme Court decides their constitutionality. While Obama is here, we can write an efficient, fair and just Immigration bill that supports America’s economic needs and addresses our refugee responsibilities. While Obama is here, he will not allow our Border Patrol and ICE to secure our borders. Congress should send border security funds to the three states that will secure our border. Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Ben Carson says Government dependency is not compassionate.

I agree with Dr Carson. Government dependence just leads to a stagnant wasted  life and generational dependency. It keeps you poor and does not put you on a upward mobile path to the American dream. Offering 2 yr college degrees in High school is a start. Offering is 2 year vocational,shop and tech certificates, as well as apprenticeship programs is even better answer to a High School Grad’s ability to support himself..Ad a Life Skills class, 4yrs of PT classes, as well as a Constitution and Civics course to High School curriculum would be fantastic. Allowing people a choice in schools will improve the quality of our education. Schools should compete for our children.

Business friendly tax and reg reforms are needed for business to create the good paying jobs Americans need. A fully employed nation means that employers would compete for employees by offering good wages, health and retirement benefits. There would be a whole lot less dependence if America was put back to work.

Destroy ISIS

I think Obama hates Assad more than he is repelled by ISIS barbarity. Before the public outcry made Obama act, He considered the genocide of Assidis permitted collateral damage. There is no reason why we, with or without a coalition, cannot bomb the crap out of ISIS. We did it in Libya and Gaddafi was not murdering as many people as ISIS. He definitely was not burning and burying people alive,enslaving, raping and beheading people. Gaddafi was not doing all that horrific barbarous acts to children either. I would carpet bomb every black flag in Iraq and Syria and let the locals clean up the pieces. Isis is an abomination and must be destroyed. Humanity cannot coexist with such evil.

Ben Carson says he would destroy ISIS if he were President.

There is no reason why we, with or without a coalition, cannot bomb the crap out of ISIS. We did it in Libya and Gaddafi was not murdering as many people as ISIS. He definitely was not burning and burying people alive,enslaving, raping and beheading people. Gaddafi was not doing all that horrific barbarous acts to children either. I would carpet bomb every black flag in Iraq and Syria and let the locals clean up the pieces. Isis is an abomination and must be destroyed. Humanity cannot coexist with such evil.  I agree with Ben Carson and I will be voting for him if he runs.

The ACA is done. Now let’s give Americans a chance to choos a better product.

It is done, so Americans will have to have the opportunity to choose a better policy than what the government is offering. Congress should remove most of the costly mandates, the device and the cadillac tax and open up competition to all 50 states. Competition will offer a cheaper and better product than the ACA currently does. Replacing our tax code with a consumption tax and reforming regulations to be both business friendly and consumer protecting, will create a vibrant and growing economy where employers will compete for employees by offering not only good wages, but retirement and healthcare benefits. People will naturally move off the ACA if they are employed. Americans will choose the better product.

Why is the Obama Administration so blind to Radical Islam’s existential threat to humanity?

I think the Obama Administration is living in an alternate universe or they are lying and working for the other team. Americans know there can be no coexistence with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist theology. Americans also know there is a jihad of deception that is acceptable in Radical Islam. Americans also know the fanatic mullahs in charge of Iran believe they can hasten the end times for the return of their Mahdi who will build their global Caliphate. Americans also know that a nuclear armageddon would be a sweet way to hasten those end times. Americans are really concerned with an Administration that will not name the enemy, Radical Islam and who will not see the existential threat to humanity that it is. Frankly their denials and political correctness is scaring us to death. As for what has happened in the Ukraine. Americans know that would not have happened if Russia did not have the big cudgel of oil dependency over Europe. Americans know that we could increase our energy exploitation and we could export to Europe, removing Russia’s weapon to force compliance and appeasement. Americans also know that same increase in energy exploitation and export would reduce the funds to radical Islam. Americans also know that by reducing Opec’s profits, the Middle East would have to help the world in stopping Islamic terrorism and in silencing the teachers,the mullahs of Radical Islam’s theology. Killing the jihadist and stopping the funding is only half the solution. The teachers need to be silenced. The Radical Islamist Theology has to be denounced,denied and erradicated. Americans know that truth . Why doesn’t the Obama Administration?

How about putting Obama’s funding for his executive orders in Escrow until the Supreme Court decides their constitutionality

Congress should pass the DHS bill and put Obama’s funding for his executive orders in an escrow account until the Supreme Court decides their Constitutionality. There would be no unwinding these execution orders if the Supreme Court says they are unconstitutional. Obama would have his way and it would be illegal. Obama himself said for years he could not do what he has done. My thoughts are that Obama knows his executive orders are unconstitutional but he also knows they cannot be undone after they are implemented.

My open letter to Senator Bill Nelson from Florida regarding PM Netanyahu

I urge you, Senator Nelson, to ask Democrats not to boycott PM Netanyahu address before Congress. It is outrageous and a very dangerous path for a sitting President of the US to openly disparage the PM of Israel, especially while we are negotiating with a terrorist supporting, Radical Islamist nation like Iran. Iran just blew up a mock US carrier, shot down a mock US drone and had military exersises against their enemy, the US, while John Kerry and Susan Rice openly criticised Netanyahu. Kerry actually blamed Netanyahu for the Iraq War. He was not the Prime Minister then. Kerry voted for the Iraq war, as did all of Congress, except 2. The world and the UN were for deposing Sadaam. It was not just the US, there was a coalition of 21, with UN backing, who looked at the same intel as we did and thought this was a rightous war that must be fought. Al Qaida was in Iraq and Saddam was giving them aid and support as well as a safe haven. As for the lack of WMD, there are US soldiers that will tell you that they were hurt by them. Iraqi Yellow cake went to Canada to dispose of. Trucks went to Syria with WMD–didn’t we just destroy nerve gas from there? There was WMD and you know it. It is just disgusting how the Obama Administration and your fellow Dems have continued to blame Bush for Iraq, the recession and everything else they can. It is just unseemly. I never heard Bush blame Clinton for not killing Bin Laden when he could and not stopping Al Qaida from their terror path. I never heard Bush blame Democrats for the loose housing finance policies that encouraged the banks to be greedy and reckless, causing the recession. Democrats controlled Congress when those policies were enacted. I never heard Bush blame the Dems for protecting and shielding Fannie and Freddie’s dangerous incompetent policies.  Like I said Democrats have been quite abusive and devisive. It is disgusting how they have acted. Most Americans are sick of it. America sees a lawless Obama and Dems obstructing and lying for him. Obama’s election staff are in Israel right now working for Netanyahu’s opposition staff and US tax payer money went to an organization that is funding that opposition. Openly criticising and embarassing PM Netanyhu is beyond rudeness. Obama and his people are deliberately trying to undermine Netanyahu’s re election and they are interferring in the electoral process in Israel. That is against the law. Boycotting Netanyahu’s speech makes Democrats complicit in that crime. Israel is our ally. Netanyahu is doing what is best for his nation. He is protecting his nation. Who thinks that going back to the original border lines would be in Israel’s best interest? Obama is being reckless to even suggest this, not to mention he is being dangerously petty to try to strong arm Israel and depose Netanyahu, into excepting his edict.