Why is Obama negotiating with Radical Islamists

How shameful and concerning is it that our President meets secretly with #RadicalIslamist Muslim Brotherhood,CAIR,American Task Force for Palestine, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Arab American Institute ,the American Federation of Ramallah Palestine. in the Whitehouse and negotiates with #RadicalIslamist IRAN, allowing them to continue their nuclear weapon’s program? How concerning is it that our President is arming and training #RadicalIslamist ISIS fighters if they agree to fight ASSAD? Why is our President meeting with the Radical Islamists and NOT our ally and Friend Israel’s PM Netanyahu? Why is our President NOT arming the King of Jordan? Why are we not arming the KURDS ,Christians and Assidis? Why does our President NOT say we are at war with Radical Islam? Why doesn’t our President say that the modern world cannot coexist with Radical Islam and it’s evil barbaric supremacist theology? Why are we NOT bombing the crap out of ISIS NOW? Why is our response to Radical Islam’s barbarity so tepid and erratic?

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