So why doesn’t Obama want to meet with Netanyah and why doesn’t he want Netanyahu to address our Congress on the danger that Iran and other Radical Islamist represent to him and us? Obama’s animosity towards Israel and bias toward Palestine began early on. Obama wanted Netanyhu to go back to old borders that could not be defended from people and countries who have pledged to destroy Israel. Not surprisingly, Netanyahu said NO. From then on Obama has acted rude and insulting to Netanyahu, now our President is working to unseat an Israeli President. Former Obama Staffers are working for Netanyahu’s opposition and US taxpayer money has made it’s way into funding that opposition. That can’t be legal. It sure as hell is not something a President should be doing. If Dems and Obama shamefully boycott Netanyhu’s address to Congress, I urge, You, Speaker Boehner to invite the American Public to fill those seats and the streets of Washington DC. We will welcome our ally as he should be welcomed, Head of State, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. Millions of Americans will answer that invitation. Obama has shown a biased blindness to the dangers of Radical Islam and he is not be a friend to Israel, but most Americans will always stand with Israel.

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