Obama equates Radical Islam’s Horrific barbarity with the Crusades?

Obama is biased towards Islam because of his family connection and his radical left upbringing. Radical Islam is not Reformed Islam. We know that. It is Obama who does not recognize Reformed Islam –who has rejected Sharia,violent jihad and the barbarism of 600AD–continues his appeasement of Radical Islam and it’s supporters. Obama is the one who does not/will not recognize there can be no coexistence for the modern world with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist ideolgogy and there certainly can be no reasoning/negotiating with such fanatical evil. As for comparing and applying a moral equivalence of Radical Islam to the Crusades, Obama is again being deceptive. The Crusades happened because Islam was trying to destroy the Christian Communities in the Holy Land. Islam had already conquered Spain and Northern Africa to build their Caliphate. Radical Islam has embraced the inhumane barbarism of 600AD and then some. Christianity reformed and rejected that barbarism centuries ago.

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