Obama excuses the cruel barbarity of ISIS/Radical Islam with comparison to Crusades/JimCrowe?

Obama is blinded by his family’s Muslim heritage and his radical leftist ideology. It is not the American people who have a hard time seeing the difference between Radical Islam and Reformed Islam, it is our President. Radical Islam embraces the cruel barbarity of the Dark Ages and Reformed Islam rejects enslaving Sharia laws and violent Jihad. Christianity did this several centuries ago. As for Americans who used religion as an excuse for slavery, other Americans righted that crime with the civil war, just as American’s righted the wrong of Jim Crow laws. Unlike Obama, most of America does think that Radical Islam will destroy the modern world if we let them. The world cannot let this theology grow and infect our world. There is no coexistence for the modern world with this evil barbaric supremacist theology, just as there was no coexist with the NAZIs and Hitler. Radical Islam rapes and enslaves women and children the world over. They bury people alive. They crucify people. They behead people. They burn people alive. They are drunk on their own bloodlust. The world cannot allow such evil. It scares me to death that Obama is not as outraged and concerned by Radical Islam. The VOX enterview showed a very detached Obama who thinks that Climate Change is more of a threat to humanity. Obama calls for a patient path to defeat Radical Islam, but while he waits for History to defeat Radical Islam, they murder, enslave and torture thousands of human beings everyday. For Obama to say Radical Islamist terrorist attacks around the world are random acts of crimes is just insane and dangerous. Obama’s no drama cool is fast becoming a dangerous inhumane detachment.

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