Has Obama become America’s enemy?

It is not that Obama cannot see the existential threat of Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist theology, it is he will not. He chooses not to see, not to feel the inhumanity of this theology.The question is ,is Obama just an appeaser or is he working with the enemy? Has his familia and radical leftist ideological blindness made him our enemy? From Obama’s inexplicable Isis limited and tepid engagement, to his failure to say we are at war with Radical Islam, to calling the radical islamic attack on the Jewish Deli a random attack, to calling the Fort Hood attack workplace violence, to not using the Military justice system to try all foreign fighters,to negotiating with Iran regarding their nuclear weapon and intercontinental missile programs, to training and arming radical islamists who “promise” to fight Assad, to not calling the Benghazi attack a radical islamist attack, to  not securing our borders,  to negotiating and even taking advise from American radical Islamic groups, to Obama’s detached non empathetic reaction when confronted with the abhorrent barbarous crimes against humanity done by radical islam, I question the President’s allegiance.

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