Dems and Obama hold hostage the DHS to extort their way over Obama’s illegal executive orders on immigration

Boehner is right. The House has done it’s job.The Senate must act.The House represents the people’s voice and the Senate represent’s the State’s voice, not the President’s. Senate Democrats have forgotten who they represent. They have become sychophants of a lawless unconstitutional President, quite content to govern our country thru exective orders and the abusive regulations of the increasingly partisan ideologically driven bureaucracies. My advise to the Senate Dems is to allow the DHS House bill to come to the floor for debate, amendment and conference. If they do not it is Senate Dems who endanger our security. They have chosen to hold hostage our DHS funding to extort our nation over the funding of the President’s illegal executive order on immigration over the security of America. If they do admit that it is Congress that makes law and they do vote and send the President this DHS bill and then our President vetoes it, Obama has chosen extortion over security for the United States, too. Already we are seeing that non citizens can vote and cancel American citizens votes, we are seeing that non citizens will be elligible for the Earned Income refund and government welfare programs, we are seeing that the ACA encourages employers to hire non citizens over citizens because of the $3000 penalty tax and we are seeing employers hiring non citizens over citizens because they will work for less wages—-all because Obama’s reckless and dangerous executive orders. Immigrants should know, these executive orders will hurt them in the end. Look at the failed, impoverished crime ridden nations they come from. It was the corruption of government officials, the failure to execute their laws that caused their failure. Look at Venzuela and Cuba. Both Chavez and Castro promised the people better lives but they delivered increased poverty and oppression because of the crony corrupt incompetence of the leadership. That is the path Obama has put America on and he is using our immigrants and other disenfranchised to force his marxist way. Nothing Obama gives us or promises us is free, they have strings of government enslavement and oppression that come with them.Obama is not a good man and he is America’s enemy. He is a deceiver in the mold of Chavez and Castro, Mao and Stalin. Immigrants should know that the nations that they fled is the nation that Obama is building in America.

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