Our President does not love our nation or her people.

I don’t believe President Obama loves America or her people, either. He does not believe America is and always has been a force for good. He is blinded by his familia connection and his radical leftist anti American upbringing. All of Obama’s mentors, including his immediate family, were radical leftists. I don’t think most Americans knew what that would mean to have a President who thinks like this. We saw an optimistic good looking leader with a beautiful young family. We saw happiness and we wanted to believe his promises. We thought he loved his country like we do. Like all Marxists who promise their people a better life and individual liberty, Obama is delivering just the opposite. Look at what Castro has done to Cuba. Look at what the Ayottala has done to Iran. Look at what Chaves did to Venenzuala. They all delivered poverty and oppression to their people. This is the path that Obama has us on. Instead of inviting the Muslims who have rejected violent jihad, the enslavement of Sharia, the barbarity of 600AD and supremacist theology to the White House for advise and discourse, Obama invites and listens to America’s radical Islamic organizations. It is not we Americans that cannot tell the difference between evil and moderate Islam. It is the President. We The People know the difference. He does not. There are NO Legitimate Grievances that will excuse the barbarous heinous crimes against humanity that Radical Islam has done. It is not poverty or legitimate grievances that drives Radical Islam. It is their barbaric supremacist theology that drives the bloodlust and evil acts of Radical Islam. Here is my advices to the President. Carpet bomb every black flag in Iraq and Syria, stop the money and silence the teachers of this barbaric theology.

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