Hillary’s achilles heel is her support of Obama’s failed erratic foreign policy

We and a few allies destroyed Libya, deposed a tyrant on flimsy biased intel and then we left the failed state and did not help the government to stabilize. We allowed Radical Islamists to take over after using them and arming them to defeat Kadaffi. Now we are arming radical islamists to defeat Assad after waiting too long to arm the “doctor and lawyer rebels” Obama disparaged. Then there is what we did in Egypt. We assisted the Muslim Brotherhood, a Radical Islamic group, in deposing Mubarak and we supported them when they took over the government. Thank God that Egypt said NO to radical islamists and put in a secular government. The kicker is Obama is still confering with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and not totally supporting Assisi. Obama is also negotiation with Iran, a radical Islamic state. It looks like the State Department and Obama are in deep with our enemy the Radical Islamists for quite some time. Are they fools to think you can negotiate and appease this evil barbaric supremacist theology? I say yes, they are dangerous fools who threaten the world with their blindness


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