Our President’s biased delusions are reckless and so dangerous

I hate it when the President sets up a strawman to make a point. He knows it just divides our nation and makes us suspicious of each other. Americans know the difference between Radical Islam and Islam. We know that we are NOT at war with Islam. We know the enemy. It is the President who has a problem, asking us to be empathetic, understanding and forgiving of those that join Radical Islamic groups. There is no understanding due to anyone who joins that barbaric supremacist theology. There can be no coexistence for the modern world which has embraced tolerance and freedom as a way of life. Radical Islam has embraced the barbarous cruelty of 600AD , the enslavement of Sharia Laws. violent jihad and supremacist theology that the modern world cannot allow to exist. The Radical Islamic, heinous crimes against humanity cannot be ignored, much less understood. Why our President does not see that Radical Islam is an existential threat to all of humanity, I do not know. Why he is not as appalled as the rest of us are, I do not know. My God Radical Islam is burning people alive, burying people alive,raping and enslaving people. They are even doing all this to children and our President accuses Americans of Islamophobia and wants us to understand their grievances. We know the difference. Obama is the one that is so conflicted. Mr.President, here is what your plan should be. Carpet bomb every black flag in Iraq and Syria, stop the funding, silence the teachers of this barbaric supremacist theology, and enlist everyone you can to help us, but don’t wait on them,ACT NOW. Radical Islam is an existential threat to all of humanity. PS.Mr. President, stop getting advice and inviting Radical Islamists to our White House and start listening to the reformers of Islam who reject violent jihad, 600AD barbarity,enslaving Sharia Laws and the Supremacist Theology of Radical Islam.

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