Ideas to get back the American Dream

We need a fully employed nation to pay our government’s bills, the debt and our private sector bills. To achieve that we must First, I  replace the tax code with a consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. Everyone supports our government–citizens,immigrant,visitor,foreign student, foreign consumer. Consumer costs decrease because businesses will not be tax on any monies invested in job creation, infrastructure, innovation or research. The IRS will never be used as a political and ideological weapon against our people again. I would reduce government by attrition policies and I would privatize everything–all the bureaucracies — but defense, that is government’s constitutional mandate. I would simplify regulations,making them business friendly while keeping the consumer protections.I would make the banks separate their investments from their consumers. There would be no bank too big to fail. I would not bail them out ever. It is time the used common sense instead of reckless greed as their mantra. I would encourage High Schools to all offer 2 year colleges, 2 year tech schools, 2 yr apprentice programs, 2 yr shop and construction licenses. I would make sure each child could support himself after graduation while he makes up his mind or works towards a higher education career. I would also have a life skill class every year of High School. I would also change the class format in High School, having 2-3 hr classes on each subject. Less than an hour you get nothing done. This includes mandatory classes and specialty classes, English, Math, History, Geography, computers. There should be mandatory PT classes 2-3 times a wk.  We really need to think out of the box. Education needs to step it up for our easily bored kids.


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