Sign the Keystone Pipeline Bill

Sign the Keystone bill, Mr. President. It will provide over 40,000 jobs to Americans. Though we know all construction and infrastructure jobs are temporary, they pay our bills and increase revenue so that the government can pay it’s bills. Canada is not going to stop producing it’s oil and our country will still be moving and using Canadian oil. We and the world are dependent on oil and fossil fuels until cheaper, abundant and efficient energy sources are found. It is safer to move oil by pipeline than by rail. There is a smaller carbon footprint left by using pipelines than by rail or truck. Energy independence is a security issue. To have that independence we need pipeline infrastructure to cover increased oil exploitation. Increasing our energy production would also help stabilize the world. Terrorism is funded by oil money. Why do we buy oil that funds our enemies. Europe is being extorted by Russia and is threatening the sovereignty of the Ukraine and all of Europe’s border states. Removing Russia’s funding for their aggression would help stabilize that area of the world. Removing part of Radical Islam’s funding and forcing the OPEC to fight Islamic terrorists and silence the teachers of this barbaric, supremacist theology,  because of a loss of profits, would go a long way to stopping these horrific wars.


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