Ben Carson says Government dependency is not compassionate.

I agree with Dr Carson. Government dependence just leads to a stagnant wasted  life and generational dependency. It keeps you poor and does not put you on a upward mobile path to the American dream. Offering 2 yr college degrees in High school is a start. Offering is 2 year vocational,shop and tech certificates, as well as apprenticeship programs is even better answer to a High School Grad’s ability to support himself..Ad a Life Skills class, 4yrs of PT classes, as well as a Constitution and Civics course to High School curriculum would be fantastic. Allowing people a choice in schools will improve the quality of our education. Schools should compete for our children.

Business friendly tax and reg reforms are needed for business to create the good paying jobs Americans need. A fully employed nation means that employers would compete for employees by offering good wages, health and retirement benefits. There would be a whole lot less dependence if America was put back to work.


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