My open letter to Senator Bill Nelson from Florida regarding PM Netanyahu

I urge you, Senator Nelson, to ask Democrats not to boycott PM Netanyahu address before Congress. It is outrageous and a very dangerous path for a sitting President of the US to openly disparage the PM of Israel, especially while we are negotiating with a terrorist supporting, Radical Islamist nation like Iran. Iran just blew up a mock US carrier, shot down a mock US drone and had military exersises against their enemy, the US, while John Kerry and Susan Rice openly criticised Netanyahu. Kerry actually blamed Netanyahu for the Iraq War. He was not the Prime Minister then. Kerry voted for the Iraq war, as did all of Congress, except 2. The world and the UN were for deposing Sadaam. It was not just the US, there was a coalition of 21, with UN backing, who looked at the same intel as we did and thought this was a rightous war that must be fought. Al Qaida was in Iraq and Saddam was giving them aid and support as well as a safe haven. As for the lack of WMD, there are US soldiers that will tell you that they were hurt by them. Iraqi Yellow cake went to Canada to dispose of. Trucks went to Syria with WMD–didn’t we just destroy nerve gas from there? There was WMD and you know it. It is just disgusting how the Obama Administration and your fellow Dems have continued to blame Bush for Iraq, the recession and everything else they can. It is just unseemly. I never heard Bush blame Clinton for not killing Bin Laden when he could and not stopping Al Qaida from their terror path. I never heard Bush blame Democrats for the loose housing finance policies that encouraged the banks to be greedy and reckless, causing the recession. Democrats controlled Congress when those policies were enacted. I never heard Bush blame the Dems for protecting and shielding Fannie and Freddie’s dangerous incompetent policies.  Like I said Democrats have been quite abusive and devisive. It is disgusting how they have acted. Most Americans are sick of it. America sees a lawless Obama and Dems obstructing and lying for him. Obama’s election staff are in Israel right now working for Netanyahu’s opposition staff and US tax payer money went to an organization that is funding that opposition. Openly criticising and embarassing PM Netanyhu is beyond rudeness. Obama and his people are deliberately trying to undermine Netanyahu’s re election and they are interferring in the electoral process in Israel. That is against the law. Boycotting Netanyahu’s speech makes Democrats complicit in that crime. Israel is our ally. Netanyahu is doing what is best for his nation. He is protecting his nation. Who thinks that going back to the original border lines would be in Israel’s best interest? Obama is being reckless to even suggest this, not to mention he is being dangerously petty to try to strong arm Israel and depose Netanyahu, into excepting his edict.

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