Why is the Obama Administration so blind to Radical Islam’s existential threat to humanity?

I think the Obama Administration is living in an alternate universe or they are lying and working for the other team. Americans know there can be no coexistence with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist theology. Americans also know there is a jihad of deception that is acceptable in Radical Islam. Americans also know the fanatic mullahs in charge of Iran believe they can hasten the end times for the return of their Mahdi who will build their global Caliphate. Americans also know that a nuclear armageddon would be a sweet way to hasten those end times. Americans are really concerned with an Administration that will not name the enemy, Radical Islam and who will not see the existential threat to humanity that it is. Frankly their denials and political correctness is scaring us to death. As for what has happened in the Ukraine. Americans know that would not have happened if Russia did not have the big cudgel of oil dependency over Europe. Americans know that we could increase our energy exploitation and we could export to Europe, removing Russia’s weapon to force compliance and appeasement. Americans also know that same increase in energy exploitation and export would reduce the funds to radical Islam. Americans also know that by reducing Opec’s profits, the Middle East would have to help the world in stopping Islamic terrorism and in silencing the teachers,the mullahs of Radical Islam’s theology. Killing the jihadist and stopping the funding is only half the solution. The teachers need to be silenced. The Radical Islamist Theology has to be denounced,denied and erradicated. Americans know that truth . Why doesn’t the Obama Administration?

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