Let’s get on with it. Man up Congress.

Let’s get on with it, Man up Congress. The reality is our Government may obey our laws and secure our border and obey Immigration Laws in the future, but we will not deport anyone but felons in the era of Obama’s lawless executive orders. The reality is the Democrat Party will continue to support Obama’s lawless agenda with a cult like fanaticism. Americans do not want to see children or families separated. We especially do not want to see the children who made that horrific abusive journey thru Mexico,sent backed to their hell hole countries. America needs to get on with it. We need to grow this economy to support everyone here–both immigrant and citizen. That means we need to replace the tax code with a consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. That means that there is no tax on any monies invested in job creation, infrastructure, innovation and research. That means we need to replace our regulatory codes with a simplified business friendly, consumer protecting regulatory code. This will create the climate for producing the good paying jobs that America needs to pay our bills, the government bills and the nation killing debt. Congress should pass the DHS bill and put funding for Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders in an escrow account until the Supreme Court decides their constitutionality. While Obama is here, we can write an efficient, fair and just Immigration bill that supports America’s economic needs and addresses our refugee responsibilities. While Obama is here, he will not allow our Border Patrol and ICE to secure our borders. Congress should send border security funds to the three states that will secure our border. Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

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