Speaker Baynor’s Netanyahu invite is not a Partisan issue, It is a security issue.America and the world needs to hear his message

Fill those empty seats with Patriots.Obama and his people have been publicly rude, dismissive and condescending to the Prime Minister of Israel. Those that follow Obama’s lead are afraid to hear his message,afraid for us to hear his message and like Obama they want to silence Netanyahu’s message to us and the world. Obama and Kerry have deceived and lied about Iran and Radical Islam to down play their existential threat to humanity. Radical Islam, including Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood believe in the barbarous, supremacist theology that demands the murdering of all who do not believe in their repugnant religion. Just this week we learn that Obama knew and hid the information about the extensive collusion between Bin Laden and Iran before 911 and yet he is negotiating with a rogue nation that partially funded and planned those horrific attacks. Obama also knows that Radical Islam believes in the jihad of deception and he still negotiates. Given the state of the world where Obama’s policies have reeked chaos,distrust and instability, who thinks that our President will not endanger us and the world with his endless negotiations. While Obama talks, Iran continues to build their nuclear weapons system. America has a right to be worried. Israel has a right to be worried. The world has a right to be worried. There is nothing Partisan about Speaker Boehner’s invite. He knows Americans and the world need to know the truth and he believes we need to hear PM Netanyahu’s message.

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