The Obama Administration is violating the Logan Act by interferring in a sovereign Democratic nation’s election.

 Obama is interferring in a sovereign nation’s election. He sent his own election people to Israel to work for Netanyahu’s opposition and he gave tax payer money to a group that is funding that opposition group. Jeremy Bird, Obama’s nation field director, went to Israel to organize the Netanyahu’s opposition and American taxpayer money went to the group “One Voice” which is funding that opposition. The US State Department is a partner in “One Voice” which is working to implement a radical leftist government in Israel. So is  Britain’s Labour and Conservative Parties, Harvard University, Google, the Association of British Muslims, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and others. Obama is leading a pack of global elitists to defeat PM Netanyahu  and to replace him with another oppressive impoverishing radical leftist government. Netanyahu chose to defend his country and not acquiesce to Obama’s reckless policies that would put Israel’s security at risk. That is why Obama wants him gone. His actions against an Israeli Prime Minister do not speak for most Americans. I am so sorry.

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