Nothing New, Obama says

Obama is either a dangerous delusional arrogant fool or he is our enemy. America knows there can be no coexistence for the modern world with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist theology. Iran is Radical Islamic. Those fanatical insane mullahs believe they can hasten the end times so that the Mahdi returns and builds their global caliphate. What better way to hasten the end times than nuclear weapons. There is no negotiating with that kind of crazy. As for nothing new, Obama is such a jerk. I am with the Netanyahu plan. Unless Iran starts behaving like any other modern, tolerant and enlightened nation the sanctions stay on.Starve the beast,shun the beast and he will not have money to build his bombs..Sanction those that do business with Iran and when the people say enough and rise up, support them for a regime change, Mr President.

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