I heard Netanyahu’s message,Mr.President. Why didn’t you?

I heard Netanyahu’s plan. Only those that don’t want to hear did not hear it. I am with Netanyahu, increase Iranian sanctions and sanction the nations and individuals who do business with Iran and when the people rise up for regime change, help them. Don’t stand by while the radical islamist’s murder and oppress them. Starve the beast. Don’t allow it the money to build bombs and fund terrorism around the world Obama is ignoring the oppression of millions for the supposed stability that a Iranian hegemony will create. What will happen is the Saudi’s and the rest of the Sunni Arab nation’s will build their own nuclear bombs and Israel will have to go to war against Iran to protect herself. Obama knows the Iranians are lying about their nuclear weapon’s program. He chooses to not see it, officially. Obama chooses to endanger the world with his hubris. He will not listen to any opposing narrative and he will press on with this insanity. America and most of the world know that there can be no coexistence with Radical Islam, be it Sunni or Shite, and their barbaric supremacist theology. Appeasement just increases the existential threat and leaves the mess for the next President. It is not why doesn’t the President see the harm he is doing, but why will he NOT see it?


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