No indictment from DOJ for Officer Wilson.

Brown was a thug criminal and I am not sure the parent’s aren’t too. They are in it for the money and the lawyers who are doing this are in it to create chaos, instability and division in our nation. Crump and Park are ambulance chasers for the radical leftist Sal Alinsky crowd. Those lawyers and Holder, allowed a false narrative to metastasize and they silenced those who knew the truth, using the excuse that the incident was still under investigation. They knew that Wilson was innocent and the hands up, don’t shoot crap was false propaganda to incite the mob to violence. They knew that Brown attacked the officer, using his size as a weapon. Holder, Crump and Park knew the truth and yet they allowed the false narrative of an unarmed innocent black child was murdered by a police officer to fester anger and violence. Holder knew Wilson was innocent so he went after the police department and he is now inflating the racial bigotry and distorting data to indict that police department, creating more division and suspicion. Obama, Sharpton,Crump, Park, SEIU,the anarchists and the occupy crowd have declared war on America and are trying to rip her apart,using Sal Alinsky tactics. Sal Alinsky was a communist who wanted to overthrow the American constitutional liberties. America thought that a community organizer was a good thing, but now we know exactly what a community organizer is. There is nothing American about the change of a Sal Alinsky community organizer. Ruining a man’s life, endangering his family and destroying an entire police department, while demonizing all police and creating more suspicion and division between them and the public, is permissible collateral damage in the radical left’s war on America.

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