Obama is using our Immigrants to subvert the Constitution

Most Americans and even most Republicans agreed with the Dreamer Bill that Congress wrote and would have passed had the President not interferred with his executive orders. The President is not supposed to write law. He is supposed to execute our laws, not ignore and disobey them. If we allow the President to use his executive orders for things we agree with how we we tell him he cannot do an executive order for something we are completely against? Immigrants of all people should know that if there is no rule of law and no adherence to the Constitution we will lose our Republic. Most of our undocumented immigrants come from impoverished and oppressive nations and they became that way because their greedy power hungry leaders did not obey their constitutions and they did not obey their laws. President Obama and his people are putting us on to the same path as every totalitarian nation has taken. We will lose our Republic and the American dream if we do not stop this power grab to build a statist government, where Congress and the Judiciary are not equal to the Executive Branch, but are subordinate to a dictator. We will be just another Marxist government and we will all share in the poverty and oppression that they always bring to their people.

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