The mob will not hear because they do not want to hear.

People continue to repeat the false narrative that Wilson murdered an unarmed teen, despite Holder saying that Wilson defended himself. This is my correspondence with one of these misguided people. Julian, yes there is racism but that had nothing to do with the Brown shooting. Brown attacked Wilson, overwhelmed him, walked away but turned back to finish the beat down. Hands up don’t shoot did not happen. The medical reports supported Wilson’s testimony and most of the witnesses did too. The witnesses who had different public accounts have admitted they lied. Holder is the one that said no one could release any evidence until his investigation was complete. The police Department attempted to quiet the mob with the Brown video. Holder allowed the false narratives to enrage the mob to violence. Is Holder going to charge the police Department or is he just going to accuse them of racism and abuse of power? Don’t you find it suspicious that Obama interfered, sent Holder and Al Sharpton to Ferguson? Don’t you think that it is suspicious that att Crump and Parks showed up? Don’t you think that it is suspicious that outside agitators from the SEIU, global Anarchists and the Occupy crowd came in to Ferguson? They all came to Sanford Fl and NYC too. Don’t you think it was a little too organized? I think that for Obama and his radical leftist crowd this was a crisis to inflame and exploit. I think the he is working to implement a Federal oversight of local police. Local police are supposed to represent their neighborhood, but black neighborhoods are taught to disrespect police and there are few black policemen coming out of those neighborhoods. Why do you think that black inner city neighborhoods who have been so loyal the Democrat Party are such a mess, bad schools, high unemployment, high illiteracy, high crime. Why do you think Democrat leaders have not improved their neighborhoods? My answer is that an angry disaffected population is easy to incite and to deceive. Chaos and instability are needed for Obama’s change. I think inner city neighborhoods are being exploited by the leaders they are so loyal top. You might want to read, Rules for Radicals, by Sal Alinsky. It will tell you all you need to know about the Dems and Obama.

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