Why is Obama negotiating with Radical Islamists

Obama does not arm the doctors and lawyers who started the Syrian Revolution, but waits to arm the radical islamists who infiltrated and overwelmed the moderates. Obama converses and negotiates with the Radical Islamic Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, but ignores the people’s choice, moderate Egyptian President Assisi. Obama negotiates with the Radical Islamic mullahs of Iran, and disparages and tries to depose the PM of Israel. Obama does not arm the moderate Kurds, Christians, Assidis , but arms and aids the Shite Iraqi government who has aligned themselves with Iran. All over the world, Christians and other minorities are being murdered, imprisoned an subjugated by radical Islamic forces and Islamic states, and Obama says nothing. Radical Islam and Sharia nations treat women as property and as like animals and Obama says nothing, as he continues to espouse the created crisis, war on women here. There are reports that the Shite militias, led by Iranian troops are killing the iraqi Sunni. The President does not acknowledge Radical Islam and it’s corrosive barbaric supremacist theology that drives it, as an existential threat to humanity. He does not attend France’s solidarity march against radical Islam.Obama invites radical islamists and radical islamic groups who support terrorist groups to the White House such as the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Syrian-born Louay Safi &NNAAC for advice and discourse, but does not sit down with moderate Islam leaders such a Zhudi Jasser. What is wrong with our President? It is not Americans who cannot tell the difference between moderate peaceful Isam from radical jihadist Islam. It is President Obama who does not, will not.

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