Obama is subverting our nation’s sovereignty by going to the UN for approval of his bad Iranian deal

Article 2, Section 2, paragraph 2:He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; The He is the President and This is the Constititution. The Senators just informed the Mullahs in case Obama and Kerry didn’t make it clear. The Senators just reminded Obama what the Constitution said since the President said he was not including the Congress in the Iranian negotiations. Obama instead is subverting the sovereignty of our nation by taking his Iranian agreement to the UN for approval, instead of to our Congress. If the agreement just postpone’s Iran’s legal ability to make bombs by 10 yrs, Obama’s bad deal will cause a helluva war. The Sunni nations will all be building their nuclear weapons systems. Netanyahu had it right, we need to starve the beast by increasing sanctions on Iran and all who do business with Iran and…….when the people march for regime change we need to help them this time. Those Iranian mullahs and leaders are dead enders who believe in hastening the end times for the return of their Mahdi who will build their Shite global Caliphate. What better way to hasten the end times but a good old fashion nuclear armageddon? How insane crazy is that?Kerry and Obama are dealing with religious fanatics who will not change their minds. There is no negotiating or reasoning with that kind of crazy regime.

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