Dick Durbin’s “back of the bus” remark is disgusting.

Dick Durbin’s ” back of the bus remark” was beyond the pale. Our black citizens have to be getting tired of being used by old white Democrats. After decades of loyalty to Democrats our inner city populations live in high crime, high employment and failed school neighborhoods. Old White Democrats just use them at election time and to protest against injustice. Our black family is waking up to being used by Democrats, Thank Goodness. Pass the Trafficking Bill. Stop being such a partisan. Our nation is in big trouble and Congress needs to start working and Dems need to stop obstructing. The Hyde Amendment has been the law of the land for some time. That is what you are obstructing for. It is Democrats that are holding up Loretta Lynch’s vote. Last election We the People said we wanted regular order back in Congress. McConnel brought that back. Deal with it. Do your job. Stop using sex slave trafficking to make the government pay for abortions. There are plenty of private organizations that will pay for it. Pass the Trafficking Bill and then vote for our attorney general. GET ON WITH IT. STOP OBSTRUCTING. STOP YOUR PARTISAN BULLYING GAMES. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU.


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