Don’t call Israel an occupier. Consider the extra land, war reparations.

Accusing Israel of being an occupier nation just doesn’t pass the smell test. Israel was attacked by the Arab nations and Israel won. They did not pay reparations. Call it their reparations for attacking a sovereing nation. Israel needs that land to defend herself. It is high ground. You are a fool not to fear Iran and the other Radical Islamists, be they Shite or Sunni. There can be no coexistence with Radical Islam and their barbaric supremacist theology. Like the NAZIs, this is just another Supremacist ideology,except this one has a religious component, that must be defeated so that the world can survive. Make no doubt about it, when they say convert or die, subjugate yourself, they mean it. Egypt’s El Sisis said it best, Radical Islam has made a hellish world for themselves and they want to force it on everyone.


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