Obama’s weirdness is putting us and the world at risk

Obama is conflicted because of his radical left bias that America is the cause of all the problems of this world and because of his family ties to Islam. Let’s face it our President is just plain weird and his weirdness is puttingus and the world at risk. As he releases Israel’s nuclear weapons program data, he is making a deal to allow Iran to continue building it’s nuclear weapon’s program, it’s intercontinental missiles and funding global terror. All this after his interferring in Israel’s election by with funding and supporting Netanyahu’s opposition. He used taxpayer money to fund that opposition. Who does that?That can’t be legal. Obama deserted President Hadi of Yemen, allowing another Iranian backed group to take over, the Houthis. Now a Saudi led coalition is attacking the Iranian proxy, while Al Qaida attacks them from the south. Obama deserted the doctor and lawyer Syrian rebels and waited for the radicla islamists to infiltrate before he armed and trained the rebels against Assad. Obama tepidly bombs Isis while thousands die from Isis and Assad. El Sisi from Egypt tells Islam that they must reform and cease teaching the barbarity of 600 AD as the word of the Prophet. Obama ignores him and still does business with the Muslim Brotherhood, who the Egyptian people have said no to after they tried to force Sharia on them and oppressed the Christians. Obama decreased the security in Libya and did not send help our ambassador and his people after Benghazi was attacked. Thank God the CIA disobeyed their stand down orders. Obama and his coalition destroyed Libya’s infrastructure and deposed Khadaffi, but did not help stablize the government. He just allowed the Radical Islamists to march in and he abandoned that nation to those monsters. Let’s face it folks, Obama is not acting in a sane manner. Obama is the god of deceit, disrutpiton and destruction both here and abroad.

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