Why not replace a marriage certificate with a civil contract, protecting both religious and gay rights?

Render under Caesar what is his. A Civic Contract for two–gay and straight alike– should be all the government needs to satisfy it’s interests. Marriage is a religious ceremony. Couples should go into the private sector if they want that. As a religious ceremony, forcing people of faith to participate in a ceremony they think is a sin, makes no sense. Why would a gay couple want someone at their wedding who views their choice a sin?
The word marriage is used in the Bible when talking about Christ’s relationship to the Church. Marriage is a religious term. We use it because the relationship between a man and woman should reflect the love that Christ has for His Church. Before the Middle Ages, it was Contract, Consumation, and Celebration when two people joined. They did not call it marriage. We still do the three Cs except maybe not in that order.


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