There is no moral equivalence between Israel and Radical Islamic terrorists, including Iran.

For those that point out that Israel should give up it’s nuclear program to stop the nuclear weapons race in the Middle East, I say. Israel is  the only Democracy in the middle east and she is an ally. Are you ready to give up our nuclear program or do you think that the free world is substantially outnumbered by tyrants and fanatics and free nations need to keep our nuclear deterrents? Israel has the right to defend herself. The UN is toothless. It never backs up it’s mandates and rhetoric and leaves the heavy lifting to the Democratic nations. There is know moral equivalency between Israel and radical Islamic terrorists. Israel, the US and other Democratic nations are forces for good. Four years before his death, Lincoln noted that our Declaration of Independence was not just about freeing Americans from Britain, it was also a hope for all people in a future time to have those same liberties. We and other Democracies have made a mistake in leaning left towards Marxism. That is not the Founders dream and it is definitely not Lincoln’s understanding of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.


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