Carly Fiorina as President and Mike Huckabee as Vice President?

After New Hampshire’s speeches, Carly Fiorina came out on top and believe it or not Mike Huckabee came in second. After all, it is all about the economy. A vibrant fully employed nation fixes a whole lot of problems and allows us to fix a whole lot more. Fiorina spoke about how our small businesses and small banks are being depleted because of Obama’s regulatory and tax abuses. That is why the middle class is decreasing and government dependence is increasing. Obama has attacked middle class employers and the upward mobility of America. Fiorina has national and  international knowledge of big business also. She knows what businesses need to thrive. She knows how our economy works and how business works. Huckabee supports a consumption tax and he has the skills to  work with Congress to get things done and fix the mess that is Washington. Americans will never trust the IRS again, so the tax code has to be replaced and the IRS abolished before our economic recovery can commence.Huckabee also addressed Climate Change in a very thoughtful and enlightened way. Climate does change. It is wonderful that the earth was created to adapt and adjust. Our responsibility is to keep it as clean and unpolluted as we can without reducing our standard of living and that of others.  Both Carly and Mike are for reducing the size of government and making it run in a more efficient manner. Working together and with Congress, I believe these two could make our nation fully employed. A fully employed America will need the immigrants we have and our nation could support them and us. How great would it be to have expert professionals in the President’s cabinet instead of ideological cronies and incompetent yes men? How great would an AG Cruz be? How great would it be for Sec Carson to do health care reform? How great would it be to have a Senate Leader Mike Lee?


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