Earth Day and the Climate Change boondoggle

Climate changes. It always has. It is natural. It shows that our earth was created to adapt and adjust. What if the small fraction of one percent in temperature increase,the ice cap melting and the increase in carbon dioxide is to grow more food to feed the over 10 million people projected to live on earth in the next 60 years? Yes,keep the earth clean and unpolluted but don’t impoverish us and the world and don’t reduce our standard of living. Why is climate change a bad thing? Why are we not implementing cleaner ways to use fossil fuels? Why are we not using the revenue from increasing our fossil fuel exploitation, for new cheap, abundant and efficient energy sources?. Why are we not building barrier islands to protect our shores? Why are we not building desalinization plants to water our food sources? Wasting our money on carbon taxes that do nothing but enrich the middlemen is just stupid. Talking about depopulating the planet instead of figuring out a way to feed the world’s people is disgustingly evil. One more thing, subsidizing green energy business is just plain counter productive. This stops innovation and research and locks us in to old technology. Invest in research and development. You invent a better mousetrap and private investment will build it. We have seen how government manages water and land. They are failures. Look at the man made crisis in California. California always has had droughts, but the EPA stopped them from collecting rainwater , capturing runoff water, and stopped their allotment of irrigation water. Now California is rationing their water to residents. Government controlling our water and land is leading to tyranny. Impoverishment, reduced standard of living, high utilities, high food prices more government control of our lives will be the result of Obama’s abusive climate change regulations.  Margaret Thatcher said that Climate Change is just another way to global socialism. I agree. Only socialism is just a polite word for Marxism.

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