Let’s talk a fair and just 10% Consumption Tax

The IRS can never be trusted again. It has been used as a political and ideological weapon against We The People. Not only have they shut down public debate, they have destroyed businesses because of liberal sentiments. We must replace our revenue collection system and get it away from corrupt political activists. Let’s talk 10% consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. Allow foreign profits to come home freely, without being double taxed. Businesses and corporations are taxed 10% also. Simplifying the taxcode and reforming regulations will lower consumer prices and absorb the consumption tax. Revenue will increase to balance the budget and pay off the nation killing debt. The IRS will never be used as a corporate welfare and cronyism conduit again. The IRS will never be used as a weapon against us again.  Everyone pays to support our government–All citizens, all immigrants, all foreign students,foreign workers, foreign visitors, foreign consumers and our cash economy–legal and illegal—all will support our government.  The poor will still have the assistance of Food Stamps and other government welfare programs. It is a Progressive tax because the rich buy/consume more. It is a fair and just tax. A consumption tax and business friendly reg reforms will provide a healthy friendly environment for economic recovery and a fully employed America, including our immigrant workers. Obama invited them here, allowed them to stay, now we have to make sure they as well as all of our citizens can make a living and have a productive, fulfilling life. We are not going to send them home. A good job will allow them all to happily assimilate faster and become good American citizens who love and will defend this country and our Constitution. A fully employed America will see employers competing for employees by providing healthcare, retirement and educational benefits. In fact a fully employed America fixes a whole lot of our problems and should encourage a more united America. Right now we are divided in our own interests groups, pitting one against the other in an increasingly unstable. dissent filled and chaotic America.


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