Obama’s deal will lead to a nuclear armed radical islamist Iran

Unless we are working on regime change, Obama’s deal will lead to a nuclear armed Radical Islamist Iran. The Ayatolla and his acolytes are fanatics who believe their god wants them to hasten the end times for the return of their Mahdi and his global caliphate. What better way to hasten the end times than with a nuclear world war, using the ICBMs they are building also ? The Sunni nations will build their own nuclear weapons if Iran succeeds. We are going to have one hellava war. Iran and the Sunni Radical Islamists have a barbaric violent supremacist theology that cannot coexist in the modern world. It is that supremacist theology, enforced by the barbarism of 600AD ,be it Shite or Sunni, that is the world’s existential enemy. That maniacal theology has to be defeated or it will destroy mankind. The better plan, the better deal to overt this war is to increase sanctions on Iran and all who do business with Iran. Starve the evil beast, so that it has no money for nuclear weapons, ICBMs and global terrorist funding. When the Iranian people rise up wanting regime change, as they did before, the world helps them. This is an evil the world cannot live with. It must be snuffed out and tolerant, peaceful Islam must replace it..

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