Baltimore riots are the result of decades of Democrat leadership

Regarding leaving an area for the rioters to destroy and loot, Destroying stuff feeds the frenzy of hate and grievance, Ms Mayor. This was foolish. Considering the lynch mob and blame the police mentality of many citizens and Democrat leaders, Perhaps it is a good thing to have a cooling off period to get all the facts out on Freddie’s death. Baltimore has a Democrat Mayor who will not allow any cover ups. They should trust her. Has anyone noticed that when a community protests their police department or some other social issue these days, outside agitators come in to incite the mob to violence and spread false information? They are always the same outside agitators, too. SEIU, Anarchists, radical left activists, Black Panthers, Park&Crump,Holder and Rev Al. It looks like Baltimore has added a little something to that agitator mix. The gangs, which are numerous in the big cities, have all gotten together and agreed to kill police now. The very people who make life so tough for the poor in the inner city with their intimidation and criminal activity are now going to kill police. I wonder if AG Lynch will interfere, agitate and allow false information to spread like Holder. Yes the community has a right to protest when something is not right, but these days it seems there are exploiters and agitators who come in to incite a peaceful mob to riot. Do we really want the Federal Government to nationalize our local and state police? Government has a hard time managing what they do do.The Federal Government wastes a third of our tax payer money and gives bad service. It seems to me that the citizens of this great nation would have a better rate of success at controlling their local governments at the local and state level. We sure haven’t done a very good job at our oversight and control of the Federal Government. It has got too big and powerful to control. I have a theory that the Democrats have kept the inner city population down so that they are ripe to become the angry mob to force thru freedom stealing marxist change. I believe the Dems have created this angry hatefilled crisis of illiteracy, poverty, high crime and dependence on government. Why else would Dems not improve the education system, the high unemployement situation and the high crime in neighborhoods? Are they inner city neighborhoods being used as mobs to force thru the Dems Marxist agenda?

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