President Bush finally speaks out against Obama’s war on Radical Islam and the Iran deal.

Bush is right. These tepid half assed measures are just drawing out this war against Radical Islam–be it Sunni or Shite. While we are killing the dead ender supremacist fanatics, we need to encourage Reformed Islam to speak out and encourage tolerance and women’s rights. We need to stop the teaching and the teachers of Radical Islamic supremacist theology that embraces the barbarity of 600AD. The world decided it could not coexist with the barbaric evil supremacist ideology of the NAZIs and the we certainly cannot coexist with Radical Islam and it’s evil barbaric supremacist theolgy today. It is an existential threat to all of mankind. President Bush must be really worried about how dangerous and reckless Obama’s Iranian deal is and how Obama has allowed the growth of Radical Islam. Bush has taken Obama’s crap for 7 yrs. Obama’s behavior has been most unseemly, definitely not presidential. I don’t remember Bush blaming Clinton for not taking out Bin Laden early on and reducing the military so much he had to rebuild it. In fact I have never heard another President disparage another President like Obama has Bush. Obama has blamed and demonized Bush, to cover up his own incompetent and corrupt governance, for too long. It is time Bush spoke up.Good for President Bush. As far as Iraq, libs seem to forget about the very large coalition, the 99%support of Congress, the support of the American People and UN backing of the invasion–all based on what the world’s intel had on Sadaam’s criminal activity. It was Obama that destabalized Iraq by pulling out, forcing the Shite Iraqis to align with radical Islamist Iran and forcing some of the Sunni Iraqis to align with ISIS. We stayed in Germany, South Korea and Japan to stabilize and rebuild and we still have bases there. Obama pulled out and destablized the area. Obama failed to support and arm the doctors/lawyers and regular Syrian rebels. He is now arming radical islamists to fight Assad. Obama failed to act after his Syrian Red line was crossed. He even said no to arming and supporting the Kurds. Obama and NATO even destroyed Libya, did not help the fledgling secular government and left it to destablize and to be overtook by Radical Islamists. The final piece of this cluster f is Obama’s Iran deal. Everyone knows that the fanatical radical Islamic leaders and mullahs intend to continue their nuclear weapons program, ICBM program and global funding of terrorism. Their word is not worth the paper it is printed on.  Even Libs have to see that Obama’s erratic reckless feckless foreign policy has made a mess of the world.

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