Obama’s ambulance chasing activists

I think it was while Obama was running for President in 2008, he mentioned something about building an army to force thru his promised change. Are the National traveling ambulance chasers that show up at each created crisis Obama’s civilian security force? Sharpton, Jackson, Park, Holder, SEIU, Black Panthers, leftist activists and anarchists always seem to show up to incite the protestors to riot, don’t they? Even the same social media addresses show up at each event to  organize everyone. This time they disgustedly targeted and used high school kids, telling them to go recreate the “Purge” at the mall. Of course Obama always chimes in and demonizes the police or Republicans or Bush, or Sheriff Joe or religious people, gun owners or other social authorities. Our community organizer President is always good at dividing our nation again and again. How disgusting is it for Obama and his elitist crowd to dispatch the professional inciters to make the legitimate protestors a mob of rioters?


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