Our Marxist community organizer President incites the rioters with another false narrative again.

Once again we have politicians and activists stoking the fires of hatred and grievance before the truth comes out about the arrest of Freddie. No one mention’s Freddies long list of narcotic’s arrests. No one mention’s Freddies previous car accident that resulted in his several back operations. Now tonight, we find Freddies was banging his head  and banging  the paddy wagon walls with his hands. If that is true, he was probablly hopped up on drugs, again. From Trayvon to Brown to Garner, the race hustlers, anarchists and leftist activists have incited the mobs to violence and then later we found out the full truth was not even close to the false narrative the professional activists were telling the crowd. Our President exploits and creates these crisis. The only one they never sent their little anti american army of activists was South Carolina murder by a policeman, because the law enforcement cleared that up so fast, they didn’t have time to agitate and incite.  There are at least 50 internet addresses that show up in NYC, Ferguson, and Baltimore organizing and inciting the protestors to violence.  It seems we have a group of people, including Democrat politicians, race hustlers, lawyers, leftist activists and anarchists who are ambulance chasers, exploiting and creating crisis after crisis, disrupting and dividing our nation. Our people are being manipulated to destablize our nation and force thru that marxist change that Obama has promised. This is just disgusting. I think the lowest thing I have seen regarding this Baltimore riots is the social media telling all the high school kids to come and “Purge” the neighborhood mall. These low lifes are using our children, putting their lives at risk, knowing that children Feel and don’t think thing thru. Damn Marxist bunch of scumbags, including our President and the Baltimore Mayor and Hillary Clinton. Thank Goodness Baltimore has a Governor who has taken control of Baltimore’s security.


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