ISIS awarding sex slaves to acolytes

“The evils of radical Islam continue to horrify us. ISIS is now giving sex slaves as prizes for memorizing the Koran. This shocking practice of giving away human beings as prizes is called “sibya” and was announced on ISIS Twitter accounts just a few days ago in honor of the beginning of Islam’s month of Ramadan, which is observed by Muslims all over the world. ISIS wants to demonstrate that they are the ones who most closely follow true Islam. These women and young girls who were captured at war face unbelievable atrocities. Join me in praying for an end to ISIS’s reign of terror in the Middle East and a halt to their expansion around the globe. President Barack Obama, why have you allowed this to continue? Why don’t you support the Kurds and the Yazidis and others like them with the wherewithal to protect themselves? At this time we don’t need to put more American troops in harm’s way when we have people who want to fight for their own freedom. Let’s help them defend themselves. “MAILIA ZIMMERMAN

Disgusting barbarians.Obama and the world just sit by and allows the heinous acts of ISIS to grow. What happened to the UN mandate to intervene and protect when atrocities occur? UN Ambassador,Samantha Power was responsible for The Responsibility to Protect UN mandate–R2P has three pillars:
1.A state has a responsibility to protect its population from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing.
2.The international community has a responsibility to assist the state to fulfill its primary responsibility.
3.If the state manifestly fails to protect its citizens from the four above mass atrocities and peaceful measures have failed, the international community has the responsibility to intervene through coercive measures such as economic sanctions. Military intervention is considered the last resort. The UN is one big waste of money and so is Obama.Both never do the right thIng.


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