Dems point out increase in mass murders and blame it on the gun

This stat is on Obama’s watch. He and his merry band of creepy leftists have divided and destabilized our naiton with their devisive and deceptive rhetoric. The mass shootings are not about guns or the confederate flag. It is about mental health and evil. The Shooter in Charleston used racist supremacist doctrine to excuse his evil actions, just like the Radical Islamist use their supremacist doctrine to excuse their evil barbarism. Radical Islamists bombed us in Boston and killed our soldiers in Fort Hood. Mentally unstable young men killed the Conneticut Children with their teachers and killed theater patrons in Colorado. We have drug related mass shootings in Chicago and other No gun zone big cities every week, but no one talks about that because it does not fit the libs deceptive narrative. Pointing out that those big cities have been governed by Progressive Democrats for decades does not get talked about either.


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