Let’s hope that the Supreme’s get it right this time. ACA on trial again.

There is no doubt in my mind that Gruber was the architect of the coercion tactics to force State Compliance of the ACA. The law said subsidies would be withheld from states that did not have ACA state exchanges. That is what Congress, Obama and Gruber meant. Let’s hope this mafia tactic backfires and the Supremes’ see this as the blackmail it is and the States have a backup plan ready to replace the ACA. States could offer the state employee insurance plan to people who lose their ACA coverage and they could open up state subsidized pay for service clinics. Chips and Medicaid would still be in place. Health savings account and catastrophic care accounts could also be offered by the states. The most important fix is to put America back to work where the employers compete for employees by offering healthcare benefits


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