My message to Congress after The Supreme Court sides with the ACA on subsidy issue.

Why not make Obama veto fixes to the ACA? Make Obama the villian in this and show America you have a plan to help ease the pain of his forced mandates. Vote on a bill that removes most of the costly mandates, the cadillac tax, the medical device taxes and allow all 50 states to compete. Encourage healthcare savings accounts and catastrophic insurance policies. The ACA is killing our economy. America needs good paying full time jobs. Replace our abusive, crony and corporate welfare tax code with a 10%consumption tax on all goods and services,including exports and a 10%business/corporate tax and no double taxing on foreign profits. Get rid of the abusive job killing regulations. A fully employed America solves a whole lot of our problems. It will create more revenue to pay government’s massive debt and balance the budget. America will welcome immigrants. Employers will compete for employees by offering healthcare, retirement and educational benefits. America cannot wait until Obama is out of office. Do something, our nation is dying.

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