The Pope’s questionable rhetoric of late

This Pope is beginning to look and sound more like Obama the Marxist every day. Capitalism has improved the lives of more people across the world than anything history has known. Climate Change is just another path to serfdom, forcing global socialism on us all——-of course, the global elitists will have to disarm the land of the free first. Does anyone think that America would be free without the second amendment? No, it would not. Despots and tyrant conquer the unarmed and uninformed. We just have to look at Cuba, Mexico,most of Marxist South America and the Middle East to see what an unarmed citizenry allows. Mixing religion and politics has never ended well for We The People in the past. Obama knows he will have to destroy America’s economic and social structures to force his statist agenda on us. He is using Sal Alinsky tactics to divide us and Clowerd and Piven tactics to destabilize our economy. Climate Change costly mandates will hurt the poor first but it lower everyone’s standard of living–except the uber rich.  .


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